Paint Effects & Decoration

Transform Your room and give it a unique touch

Customized stencil designed to match the bedding

We can offer our clients a wide range of decorative paint effects that can revitalize an old bit of tired furniture, make a moulding look like wood or marble. When it comes to paint effects the list of possibilities are endless.

Decoration can transform a room and make it live, giving it vibrant colours and interesting contrasts. There is decoration to suit everyone needs and all kinds of taste. Here at PaintWorks Marbella we can offer you expert advice for decoration ideas or simply be your tool to accomplish your project plans.

See our gallery, maybe it will spark your interest.

Gold Leaf

There is no finish that can replace gold leaf, no metallic paint can substitute. For gold leaf to look its best its absolutely necessary to have a clean flat surface, so preparation is the key factor. Leaf comes in a few varieties’, Gold, Silver and Copper.

False Imitation Marble

False Imitation Wood